Bosch High Premium Puppy 7.5kg

JEPetz - Bosch High Premium Puppy 7.5kg

Bosch High Premium Puppy 7.5kg

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Bosch Puppy dog food for the needs of puppies including sensitive puppies in the first months of life; highly digestible, nutritious and tasty

In the early living stages, or during the transition phase away from the mother’s milk, much care should be taken in what type of nutrition your puppy receives. Furthermore the enzymatic digestion of your puppy must also be solid. Bosch Puppy Kibble is specially suited for puppies in the first month of living, and can also be fed after the first three weeks of life with water or puppy milk.

  • Colostrum, strengthens puppies’ immune system

  • Mannans & glucans, stabilize the intestinal flora and immune defense

  • Made without wheat

  • Excellent Taste : Made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure palatability & digestibility

  • Natural Cell Protection: With Vitamin C, E ,trace elements and beta glucans.

  • Optimal Shiny Coat: With perfect balance of essential fatty acids

  • Balanced Intestinal Flora: Through balance of different soluble fibres (incl. fructo-oligosaccharides)

  • Reduce Stool Smell: Selection of fibres with highly absorbent natural minerals help reduce unpleasant smelling products

To protect the essential, but very delicate vitamins, Bosch dog food includes a mixture of different, natural tocopherols ensuring excellent protection for the vitamins and fatty acids. No artificial flavourings or aromas are added to Bosch dog food. Bosch dog food uses absolutely no artificial preservatives, so that you can be quietly confident that your dog has received the appropriate nutrition.


Ingredients : Fresh poultry meat (min. 25 %), fresh poultry meat meal, rice, barley, maize, animal fat, beet pulp (sugar removed), powdered egg (dehydrated), skimmed milk powder, fishmeal, fresh meat meal, hydrolysed meat, gre- aves (dehydrated), linseed, yeast (dehydrated), fish oil, sodium chloride, mussel powder (min. 0.1 %) (NZ) green lipped mussel extract max. 0.25 % (nutritionally supports formation and function of cartilage), potassium chloride, chicoree powder.

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