Oxbow Garden Select Chinchilla Food 3lbs
Hand-picked and wholesome – just like your chinchilla.  Garden Select Chinchilla is a complete and balanced chinchilla food, with a flavor profile hand-picked from Mother Nature’s kitchen.  Select garden ingredients such as whole yellow pea, tomato, rosemary, and thyme give...
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Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food
Oxbow’s Essentials - Chinchilla Food is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of chinchillas of all ages.  This complete and balanced chinchilla food contains Alfalfa hay to provide optimal energy and the fiber essential for healthy digestion.  We then...
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Kaytee - Forti-Diet Chinchilla 2lb
A Fresh Blend Of Seeds, Grains, and Fortified Supplements That Meet High Quality, Nutritional Standards Of Vets, Etc. Proactive With Omega-3 Fatty Acids That Support Heart, Brain and Visual Functions. Protection Rich In Natural Antioxidants For Immune Support and General...
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Kaytee - Forti-Diet Pro Health Chinchilla 3lb
A seed-based blend of fresh, palatable seeds, grains and fortified supplement that provides the essential nutrients your pet needs for a long, healthy life.--DHA OMEGA-3 – Supports heart, brain & visual functions. Rich in natural antioxidants – for general health...
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Kaytee - Fiesta Max Chinchilla 2.5lb
KAYTEE? Fiesta Max Premier blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains offering maximum variety, fun and nutrition! Nutritionally Fortified Gourmet Food MORE Fun! Variety! Nutritious! DHA Omega-3 Supports Heart, Brain & Visual Functions Prebiotics & Probiotcs Aids in Digestive Health...
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Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets with Mint 1.5kg
A delicious, complementary food for chinchillas that is high in fibre and rich in vitamins & nutrients to help keep them in tip top health. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (36%) Prevents selective feeding Vitamin C for healthy skin, coat...
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Burgess Excel Nature's Blend 120g
This delicious blend of herbs and foliage is great to mix through feeding hay to help increase fibre intake and add variety and interest to diets. Naturally air dried with no additives Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs are a complementary...
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American Pet Diner Timmy Chinchilla Pellet
Complete pellet for less active or overweight adult chinchillas. Combining the most nutritious timothy hay with other quality ingredients, Timmy Chinchilla Pellet is form as a premium, nutritious and palatable diets designed specifically to meet the needs for your pet’s...
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American Pet Diner Alffy Chinchilla Pellet 3lb
Great for all growing and breeding chinchillas. Combining the most nutritious alfalfa hay with other quality ingredients, Alffy Chinchilla Pellet is provides higher protein and more calories to support the nutritional need of growing or breeding chinchillas. With essential amino...
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