Qchefs Dog Dental Flakes Topper 90g

Qchefs Dog Dental Flakes Topper 90g

Qchefs Dog Dental Flakes Topper 90g

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Our dog’s teeth need the very best care and attention. To keep them strong and healthy they need the very best ingredients! The QChefs Dental Flakes are an innovation in doggy dental health.

The naturally antibacterial superfoods help to reduce oral bacteria, keeping teeth clean and reducing bad breath. Made with all-natural ingredients and suitable for dogs of all sizes, ideal for maintaining proper dental hygiene. The cottage cheese is a revolutionary ingredient that helps maintain and support proper dental hygiene. The cheese actually neutralizes the acids in the mouth, helping to prevent plaque formation. Don’t worry though this product is lactose-free so suitable for those sensitive dogs out there! Don’t worry though these cheesy treats aren’t going to stink out your house, as they are completely odourless. Completely natural, made with fair trade and organically farmed products and wonderful for dental care!

Key benefits

  • Dissolves Tar Tar
  • Stops bad breath and brushes teeth
  • All natural vitamins & minerals
  • No calorie counting (10kcal/tsp)
  • Naturally antibacterial against plaque bacteria
  • Free of Gluten ,Lactose & Sugar
  • Suitable for Allergics, Kidney insufficiency, Purine low diet.


Dairy products (30% cottage cheese), buckwheat (no grain), organic glycerine (made from coconut oil), rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Crude protein 40.9%
  • Crude ash 3.58%
  • Crude fat 6.33%
  • Crude fiber 4.82%
  • Iron 81 mg / kg
  • Zinc 39 mg / kg
  • Magnesium 810 mg / kg
  • Calcium / phosphorus 1.3: 1
  • Vitamin B3 1.05 mg / 100g
  • Vitamin B5 3.38 mg / kg
  • Vitamin B6 1.2. mg / kg
  • Vitamin B9 30.5 µg / 100g

Feeding guide

The chewing pleasure of your dog determines the QCHEFS consistency.

Mouth size and condition of the teeth define the QCHEFS ration: For dogs of all chewing behavior - also gulping dogs and Non chewer!

Daily dental care: 1 teaspoon - 2 teaspoons in the evening AFTER the food for licking

Feeding Tip: Mix a paste with water or with 1 teaspoon curd cheese, organic coconut oil or something delicious.

Intensive against tartar: 2-fold QCHEFS ration over 3 - 5 weeks. - especially effective with 1 teaspoon organic coconut oil.

Popular with them are QCHEFS treats or QCHEFS cheese bones. Provide water. Supplementary feed for dogs.

Storage and handling

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to humidity and direct sunlight.

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