Vitakraft - African Lovebird 750g

Vitakraft - African Lovebird 750g

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With our food you feed your lovebirds offer a special highlight .Because the crop is refined with acacia, carob and delicious dates and figs - ingredients such as from Africa, the original home of the animals! The rich mixture has been developed by veterinarians and bird expert scientific and naturally contains all the important nutrients and essential substances such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Feelings for home with added benefits for your animals!

  • Immune Activision: Beta-glucans strengthen the defenses of your lovebirds

  • Pro Bones: The optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio supports a healthy bone structure

  • Per digestion: stomach grit and minerals promote stomach and intestinal function of animals

  • Iodine vital complex: With vitamins, minerals and trace elements

  • Mix with the best ingredients from the home of lovebirds

  • Sugar-free Recipe

  • No artificial flavors

  • Free from artificial colors

  • Without preservatives

  • Fresh flavor packed


Ingredients: Cereal, seed fruit (carob, dried 5%, dates, dried 4%, Figs, dried 2%), minerals (pebbles 3%, calcium carbonate 1.3%), acacia 0.8%, vegetable, by-products, Vegetable proteins, Vegetable, yeasts (beta glucans 0, 02%), Calcium 0.60%, Phosphorus. 0.30%

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