Vitakraft - Pro Vita Budgie 800g

JEPetz - Pro Vita Budgie

Vitakraft - Pro Vita Budgie 800g

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Pro Vita® is a balanced, veterinarian-developed main feed for budgerigars - with the plus for a healthy bird life! In addition to many tasty ingredients , the functional blend includes the unique VITA® FORMULA , a combination of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids and an optimal balance of essential amino acids . This gives Pro Vita® an all-round perfect care for the animals - for a healthy heart, more activity and an improved well-being.


Ingredients: Cereals 74.1%, Seeds 17.6%, Mineral (stomach pebbles 3%), Oils and fats 1%, Vegetable by-products, Honey yeast (Beta  Glucane 100mg/ kg)

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